About Us

We are a small hard-working team bringing innovation to every educator. Whether you are a boutique performing arts academy or a consortium of schools; we are committed to help you leverage technology and data analytics, economically, to bring in efficiencies in your day to day operations and overall management.

For your students, we strive to be an intelligence layer that identifies and highlights their strengths and improvement areas, through closer monitoring of progress. We present this in beautiful reports to help you personalise your teaching style and for your students to better engage with their classes.

What set us on this journey?

We saw an unsettlingly skewed percent (upwards of 50%) of the work population, around us, constantly dissatisfied with their jobs or looking for a career change. So here’s our plan of action:

  • Develop the simplest student management and information system
  • Enable every educator, whether big or small, to automate mundane operations through it
  • Empower with data; we will create intelligent algorithms to analyse your data, without ever compromising on its integrity. And deliver efficiency recommendations to help you grow your education business
  • Help you personalise education delivery by applying the latest technology to understand each student’s interest and mastery levels
  • Personalise evaluations and facilitate real time student feedback through reimagined report cards
  • Enable students to make more conscious and data driven decisions on their careers
  • Scale this up, to reach enough number of students to facilitate a happier workforce for tomorrow

Lastly, doing of all of the above in a socially conscious manner. So, if you are an institute who has always shied away from adopting technology fearing the costs involved, feel free to reach us on [email protected] and we will try to help you at no or minimal cost.

www.reportcard.ae and www.reportcardapps.com is owned and managed by Reportcard, Inc.

Suraj Talreja
Cofounder & CEO
A Chartered Account and innovation enthusiast. Suraj spearheads design, finance and strategy. Previously, co-founded soundtrot.com and managed strategy and key accounts for Zomato and mrUsta.
Nitin Nandwani
Cofounder & COO
Nitin plans and manages operations and customer relationships. Previously, he successfully developed business for a FMCG company along with profitable expansion to China and Oman.
Anuj Chhabria
Cofounder & CTO
Anuj strategizes and optimizes our technology. When not saving the world with his tech solutions, he can be found experimenting with Rolie (a bot). A qualified CFA; started his first profitable business at the age of 16.
Ashish Chawla
Backend Developer
Ashish ensures our systems functions even better than it looks. A tech grad from TSEC, and a champion marathon Marvel television series viewer. Can be found having chai, when not fiercly immersed in code.
Sanskriti Nahata
Sanskriti’s infectious enthusiasm brings all the traffic to our website. Apart from ensuring our systems are easy to use, she designs all customer communciations.
Mansi Bhayde
Front End Developer
Mansi aka perfectionist, ensures everything you see is pixel perfect. She meticulously scans through our platform, fixes anomalies and improves the interface. Found some not-so-perfectly aligned text? Hit her up!